HomeLandWe need a genral statement about the services then go into each services. Statement that immediately recognizes Miracle Systems strong point. ISO, 8A etc., MSeE Cert., 180 + employees. Miracle Systems delivers the full range of systems infrastructure services from planning and ssessment through deployment and connectivity.


Program Management Teaming Partners Task Order Task Order Tracking Matrix Reporting

Program management includes contact information and documentation including weekly status reports, deliverables, and action  items.

System Planning and Design
  • Planning, Implementation, and Maintenance - Capacity Planning & Monitoring
    - Proof of Concept
    - Environmental controls
    - Budget Planning & Tracking
    - Installation and integration
  • Service Continuity and Availability Monitoring
  • Performance Reporting
  • System Support
  • Configuration Management
  • Change and Release Management
Software Development

Miracle Systems provides full-lifecycle software services from concept planning through integration and maintenance, actively using agency-standard platforms including .NET, Java, and SharePoint

  • Software design
  • Planning
  • Requirements definition
  • Systems design and development
  • Coding and testing
  • Production
  • Deployment
Infrastructure Planning

Miracle Systems provides full Enterprise Architecture (EA) assessment and planning to support diverse goals ranging from cross-entity consolidation to growth strategies. Planning, Implementation, and Maintenance encompass:

  • Capacity Planning & Monitoring
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Security Planning & Testing
  • Budget Planning & Tracking
  • Installation and integration
  • Environmental controls
Integration and Implementation

Miracle Systems supports the implementation and integration of fully developed and thoroughly tested software through our end cycle SDLC services:

  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Maintenance
Emerging Technologies

Miracle Systems maintains the skills and expertise of our staff using our dedicated training facility at our Corporate Headquarters in the Court House neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia.

  • Cloud computing
  • Application virtualization
  • Collaboration and SharePoint
  • Business Analytics
    -Capture of relevant data
    - Analysis
    - Modeling
    - Decisions
  • Dashboards: Financial support, grants, budget
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