HomeLandWe need a genral statement about the services then go into each services. Statement that immediately recognizes Miracle Systems strong point. ISO, 8A etc., MSeE Cert., 180 + employees. Miracle Systems delivers the full range of systems infrastructure services from planning and ssessment through deployment and connectivity.


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The Task Order management subsite allows team members to post resumes and to view:

  • Task Orders opened by client
  • Status of Task Orders bid
  • Task Orders won and initiation steps

Applications and Databases

Our highly competent IT staff can deal directly with software vendors on your behalf to ensure you are obtaining the most from your IT investment.

Help Desk

Miracle Systems LLC provides high quality user support in high trouble ticket and heavy-call traffic environments. Our Help Desk performance has delivered cost reductions by combining its courteous and trained personnel and proven processes with state-of-the-art helpdesk tools.

Miracle Systems LLC Help Desk services provide customers the following benefits:

  • 24 x 7 coverage to ensure assistance is available during users’ working hours
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel who have full understanding of your systems and can identify the cause of the problems and put the systems back in service quickly.

User Support and Training

The best analysis, design, and construction of systems still require effective training and support of end users for success. Miracle Systems provides end user training through a variety of delivery platforms including webinars, computer-based training, and traditional in-class training.

Network and Security

Federal IT networks require reliable security and regular updates and maintenance. Miracle Systems provides network support, network management software capability, and backups software. Complex federal security requirements are an inherent part of all of our IT systems work, including an understanding of department-specific encryption and related requirements such as the handling of Personal Identifying Information (PII). We provide a wide range of tools and processes to ensure compliance with standards and create a secure environment for your sensitive data.

Collaboration Services

Miracle Systems supports the latest in enterprise-wide collaboration including SharePoint, Documentum, and web-based data sharing. These tools are integrated with operations procedures to ensure effective collaboration and support across the organization. Related packages such as VMware reduce configuration requirements and improve operational support.

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