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Federal Financial Systems

Miracle Systems enables more reliable financial analysis by monitoring account balances and identifying systemic issues that could affect financial statement accuracy, correctness, and timeliness. Supported platforms include:

- Oracle Federal Financials
- Momentum
- Custom solutions

Budgetary Systems
Budget Formulation and Execution

Miracle systems provides interoperable, flexible, cost effective, and optimized solutions supporting all phases of the formulation and execution of the Federal Budget and linking budget formulation, execution, planning, performance, and financial information.

Miracle Systems assist clients in developing a Standard Operating Procedure for budget execution.  The SOP includes a budget schedule and highlights deliverables that are due during a budget cycle in accordance with Management Directive.  The SOP includes specific procedures for identification of agencies appropriations, receiving and loading U.S. Treasury warrants into the accounting system; developing SF-132 apportionment documents; loading funding for approved Apportionments; allotment of funding; loading spending plans; and allocation of funding for commitments, obligations and expenditures.

Grants Management

Our grants team is expert in all aspects of foundation and government grant management. We provide full administration for this complex and time-consuming task, including monitoring for compliance and reporting, ultimately resulting in stronger relationships with funders. Miracle Systems provides comprehensive grants management support. Miracle Systems manages the five phases of the grant lifecycle, and a synopsis of that cycle is noted below-

  • Phase 1: Program Development and Eligibility Determinations
  • Phase 2: Application Submission and Review
  • Phase 3: Allocations and Award Processing
  • Phase 4: Implementation
  • Phase 5: Evaluation
Accounting and Finance

Miracle Systems offers a variety of Accounting and Financial services to Federal agencies. We provide total accounting support including transaction processing, system setup and support, and comprehensive financial reconciliation and reporting.

Undelivered Orders (UDO) Reconciliation Support and Services

• Miracle Systems performs Undelivered Orders (UDO) reconciliation for several federal agencies in the Washington DC area. Our UDO validation includes development and implementation of policies, procedures and processes to ensure outstanding obligations are valid, reconciled and properly stated on the agencies financial accounting system. Our UDO services are designed to improve the financial integrity of the federal agency.

Property Plant and Equipment (PP&E) Reconciliation and Support Services

•  Miracle Systems performs Property accounting services for several federal agencies in the Washington DC area. Miracle Systems provide effective approaches for providing support and liaison in Federal Property, Plant, and Equipment (PP&E), financial management, and accounting processes. Our Team has supported several agencies in managing property accounting, the financial and reporting systems, and integrating new processes that are audit compliant and provide a high level of service to the end users.
Reporting and Compliance

Miracle Systems professionals offer extensive expertise in FSIO compliant systems and processes to help agencies improve financial control. Our experienced team is well conversant with federal financial compliance and reporting requirements. 

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