HomeLandWe need a genral statement about the services then go into each services. Statement that immediately recognizes Miracle Systems strong point. ISO, 8A etc., MSeE Cert., 180 + employees. Miracle Systems delivers the full range of systems infrastructure services from planning and ssessment through deployment and connectivity.


Program Management Teaming Partners Task Order Task Order Tracking Matrix Reporting

Government and partners can review contract metrics and related information including:

  • Invoices
  • IPRs

Professional Services
Our employees deliver a diverse array of services ranging from overseas diplomatic support to local functional advisory services.
Financial Consulting
Building on our Oracle Financial technical expertise, our company has financial consulting experts providing services at several federal departments.
IV&V services support federal agencies in effectively monitoring and managing complex projects. Guidance from our senior staff, many with prior federal government executive experience, ensures compliance and completion in accordance with industry standards and contractual obligations.
Policy and Procedure
Our employees provide policy and procedure expertise and support to the executive level.
Contracts and Procurement
Contract and Procurement Professional services include Contract Administration, Contract Reconciliation, and Contract Close out support.
Introduction Management Team Industry Partners Awards and Recognition
IT Systems Database Design Operation Maintenance Federal Financial Professional Support