About Us

Miracle Systems is a CMMI-III, ISO 9001-2008 8(a) Small business. Our Employees provide leading edge services


Our Management

Our Executives average over 25 years of experience which brings a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Our Qualifications

Miracle Systems is a GSA vendor with extensive proven performance at leading federal agencies including DHS, TSA, USDOT, HHS, and DOJ.



Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Miracle Advantage


Value Statement

     Do you need to develop new applications quickly, reduce time to market, re-use software components and make your business processes more agile? This is the promise of SOA. SOA is an IT architectural style that supports integrating your business as linked services or repeatable business tasks that can be accessed when needed over a network. That network may exist entirely within your corporate headquarters, or it may be geographically and technologically diverse. These services can assemble themselves when they are needed into on-demand applications -- interconnected sets of service providers and consumers that coalesce to accomplish a specific business task, giving your business the agility to succeed. Further, these services form the building blocks for offering complete capabilities via SaaS over the cloud.

Miracle expertise addresses the entire SOA spectrum