About Us

Miracle Systems is a CMMI-III, ISO 9001-2008 8(a) Small business. Our Employees provide leading edge services


Our Management

Our Executives average over 25 years of experience which brings a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Our Qualifications

Miracle Systems is a GSA vendor with extensive proven performance at leading federal agencies including DHS, TSA, USDOT, HHS, and DOJ.



Leveraging Cloud Computing


At Miracle Systems, we deal everyday with the multiple technologies driving the evolution of 'Cloud Computing'.

These technologies range from increased virtualization of hardware and software resources, with their utility-like deployment and consumption, to the increased adoption of service enabled software components via the Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach. The pace of evolution has been facilitated by the increased availability of high bandwidth, high capacity mobile and Wi-Fi networks as well as increased leverage of open source software and automation of related technology management and governance processes.

The combination of these technologies has given rise to the on-demand type access to customizable compute resources and flexible functionality at attractive prices - which the industry has termed 'Cloud Computing'.

While this concept sounds simple, figuring out how best to use it particularly in the context of reduced budgets, legacy systems, enhanced security and related policies is quite challenging. At Miracle we are fully prepared to help you successfully develop and implement an effective cloud strategy, one that clearly identifies an incremental roadmap towards cloud adoption while remaining aligned with ground realities, business needs, cost efficiencies and value adding principles, achieving targeted return on investments while managing risks.

Miracle's Cloud Computing competency and SME's take into account all aspects of:

       - Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud offerings
       - Desktop/Server/Storage provisioning via the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Model
       - Application/System modernization and simplification via Software as a Service (SaaS) Model
       - Application/System development and management via Platform as a Service (PaaS) Model
       - Application/System development and management via Platform as a Service (PaaS) Model
       - Trends in security, performance and quality of service, for cloud offerings
       - All applicable cloud computing policies and mandates like the federal, 'cloud first', and 'FedRAMP'
       - Numerous Cloud providers and vendors - many of who are our strategic partners

We use our broad competency to help your organization benefit from the many advantages that cloud computing offers, while ensuring security and business value.